Country preparedness

The majority of countries has now established avian influenza task forces and have developed integrated avian and human influenza plans (pandemic prevention and preparedness plans). Some are still in draft; others have been endorsed by government and others still have already been tested. They have been supported through close international and regional cooperation.

At all levels

Pandemic preparedness is occurring at all levels, from communities to global initiatives. National level preparedness varies from country to country with significant gains having been made in the last year. Poorer countries, namely those with little ability to implement priority interventions, will need targeted external assistance as too few resources are available for support of essential actions. This is especially the case with many countries in Africa. The world's governments, together with many non-governmental bodies, private entities and international scientific, developmental, humanitarian and security organizations have given high priority to helping human populations counter the threats posed by highly pathogenic influenza viruses.Source: UNSIC